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New York Barbers

Getting a hair cut or a shave used to be a personal experience. A gentleman's cut and shave require the kind of attention to detail that only a skilled and experienced barber can provide. Only a man who is dedicated to his craft and has a love for his profession can really introduce creativity and style to his work. NY Barbers recognizes this and therefor has a careful and highly selective process for hiring barbers. The criteria necessary in order to be considered for employment at NY Barbers is exhaustive and is not based solely on qualifications. A friendly demeanor, great people skills, an engaging personality, and dedication to excellence are all qualities we look for in our employees. A real cut is bound only by the limits of one's imagination and skills of the barber. Stop by for a full service haircut and let your imagination take you to new places under the skilled guidance of one of our master barbers.

Like all important things in life, a shave is not defined solely by the end result but the process by which that end is achieved. The journey is just as important as reaching the destination. A real shave not only gives you a clean look, but revitalizes your skin and gives it a fresh and soothing feeling. The contributing factors to a relaxing shave include the right creams, oils, hot lather, towel temperature, after shave, quality instruments, a cool and purposeful hand, and the correct and proportional application of all of the above. The trained and experienced professionals at NY Barbers take all of these elements into careful consideration and as such strive to execute a perfect shave every time. Schedule a Royal Shave today and experience the traditional elegance of a shave fit for a king.